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An Inspiring Journey Through Voice & Purpose

My voiceover journey is shaped by profound loss and a quest for purpose. Fueled by the legacy of kindness, generosity, and peace left by my late husband, Jerry, I discovered the power of my voice. Out of the darkness of grief, a new passion was revealed; to utilize my voice, to serve, inspire, educate, uplift, motivate, and profoundly touch the lives of others.

Why Me?

I am a versatile blend of experiences: a former cellist and gospel choir singer, a corporate trainer, a committed volunteer, and an entrepreneur navigating corporate, non-profit, and small business worlds.

In my personal life, I enjoy intimate dinners, jazz melodies, and hearty laughter. I'm both compassionate and astute, blending heart with strategy, weaving authentic narratives, and finding humor in life's quirks. I enjoy family game nights, sports, and morning walks.

My favorite hues are warm shades of orange, reminiscent of a golden sunset or the perfect autumn leaf, and serene royal blue, mirroring calm waters against a white sandy beach. My favorite word is gratitude, which is the foundation for everything I do, and the butterfly, a symbol of rebirth and transformation, resonates deeply with my spirit. My life's mantra? "Be the good."

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How Others Describe My Voice

When people hear my voice, they describe it as calming, smooth, rich, trustworthy, intelligent, confident, and sophisticated. One analogy that always brings a smile to my face is, "Smooth as butter, rich and chocolaty with a touch of champagne." My voice, a blend of experience and emotion, has the power to captivate, engage, and leave a lasting impression.

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